About the Team

Hey there! Welcome to our about page. Our team are all self taught, highly active, highly successful webmasters. Between us we currently own hundreds of sites, from tiny little personal blogs to super big authority websites in very competitive niches. And we have all done this the hard way! None of us has any professional training, we are all self taught. And none of us worked for anybody else other than ourselves, so we didn’t have the benefit of being taught on the job or working with a team of experts.

We are all friends in the real world (not just Facebook or Skype buddies), so we have built up a lot of trust over the years. We decided to create this site as a way of helping others to achieve similar success to our own. We feel very grateful for the lifestyles we live and want to help others do the same.

So we had a good think and decided to make the site all about website and hosting and servers. Why? Because we felt that it was an area where we could offer a lot of value due to our vast collective experience and knowledge. Plus we think that hosting can be one of the trickiest but also most important aspects of becoming a successful website owner. And there is so much biased or inaccurate information out there that we felt we could really add a lot of value to the internet marketing hosting community.

Our Promise to You

We will be sharing as much information on this site about servers as we can possibly think of. We have a promise on our homepage but before we go any further we think we should share it here as well, just in case you have not read it yet.

We promise to give you the most helpful and unbiased tips and advice on website hosting that we can. We will never promote any hosting affiliate offers or any other types of commission based hosting JV’s. We will never spam your inboxes. We will never try to sell you our own hosting packages and we will never promote any other server hosting services.

There it is! Now that you know where we are coming from we can now explain the sort of information we will share with you on the site.

  • Hosting Advice for Noobies
  • Tips for SEO Hosting (Including Local SEO Hosting)
  • All the Different Type of Servers and Hosting Packages
  • Site Speed – The Best Hosting for Fast Running Websites
  • Upgrading – When and How to Upgrade Your Server Package

Hosting Advice for Noobies – From personal experience we know how hard it can be for noobies to figure out website hosting for small blogs or sites. It is complicated, confusing and can entail some very costly mistakes if you are not careful! However do not worry. We are here to help. If you are a noobie you will find tons of useful tips and advice on the best hosting packages and servers to get you on the right path.

Tips for SEO Hosting (Including Local SEO Hosting) – There are various reason you might need SEO friendly hosting. It might be that you are looking for PBN hosting to hide your blog networks server IP number. Or it might be that you want local SEO hosting servers close to the part of the world that you are trying to rank for. We can hep and advise you with this so you get the best deals and keep your SEO efforts on the right track as effectively and efficiently as possible.

All the Different Type of Servers and Hosting Packages – From basic shared hosting packages to large managed dedicated servers. From free hosting packages to advanced SEO hosting. There is a vast amount of options for you to wade through. Depending on your budget and your needs, you need to know what’s the best option for you and that’s where we will do our best to help and advise.

Site Speed – The Best Hosting for Fast Running Websites – Site speed (how long it takes pages on your site to load in your visitor’s browser) is very important. It is vital to keep as many visitors as possible engaged with your content and it is also really important for SEO. So knowing which are the best servers for site speeds is really useful information.

Upgrading – When and How to Upgrade Your Server Package – If you are currently running a smaller hosting package and want to upgrade to something faster or more able to cope with larger volumes of traffic then you need to do your research before you proceed. The more money you spend the more options you will find yourself faced with. We will go into this topic in great detail and do our very best to keep you up to date and informed on the best dedicated servers and hosting deals.

We hope you enjoy our site as it grows and expands, please take a good look around and if you have any question feel free to get in touch here…

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