Nine Effective Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

site speedPage load speed for your website is of vital importance if you want to make it is successful as you possibly can, for two main reasons:

1 – Site speed is really important for keeping visitors on your site until they spend some money!

2 – Site speed is also really important for helping your site to rank in Google and get lots of lovely free, targeted traffic.

So it is really important that you understand the best ways to speed up a WordPress website. Unfortunately WordPress is not the most fine tuned way of building websites. But more fortunately it is really easy to fine tune and improve with just some basic actions and steps being necessary.

We have compiled a short list of some easy but still very effective ways that you can speed up a WordPress site with minimal hassle. We have done our best to explain them in a way, which should be easy for you to understand and then apply. If you are struggling with any of them please take a break come back and give it another read with fresh mind.

  1. Make Sure Your Server is Up to the Task
  2. Set Your Site Up on Cloudflare
  3. Compress All Your Images
  4. Deactivate and Delete Surplus Plugins and Themes
  5. Install a Caching Plugin
  6. Use a Light Weight Theme
  7. Clean Up Your Data Base
  8. Keep the Site and Plugins Up to Date
  9. Disable Hot Linking

Make Sure Your Server is Up to the Task

One of the very best things you can to improve website page loading times is to make sure you have good quality, fast hosting that can cope with the size of your site and the volume of traffic that it receives. Two very simple tests of this are to check the resources used.

Firstly check the available and used amount of disk space. If you are getting close to filling your available disk space you should speak to your hosting providers and ask them how much it will cost to upgrade to a larger server package.

Secondly you should also keep an eye, over time, on your server load, if you notice it running high or spiking this indicates that your need a larger server that can cope with the volume of traffic that you have available.

Set Your Site Up on Cloudflare

Cloudflare is a type of CDN, it helps speed up your website by caching it so it is easier and faster for your visiting traffic to access it from anywhere in the world. You can setup a Cloudflare account for free, it is really easy to do and their support is excellent.

Compress All Your Images

Most websites have images that are way bigger and higher quality than they need to be. We suggest that you take every image from your site and run it through this awesome free tool.

It compress images but without losing any width or height so you can re-upload to your website without having to edit the pages to make it fit. This one tip can make a huge difference to page load times and is really easy to do. Obviously as you are building new pages you can compress the images before you add them to save time.

Deactivate and Delete Surplus Plugins and Themes

With WordPress there is always a temptation to run lots of plugins and leave inactive themes on your site. But these can slow down your site speed.

We strongly suggest that you go through every plugin on your site and ask yourself if you really need it or not. Delete any plugins that are not totally necessary and also ditch an themes that are not active.

Install a Caching Plugin

There a lots of caching plugins that can help you with your site speed. We really like the comparison on this link. We recommend that you check it out and try one or two and see how much they improve your site speed. Just drop your URL in this awesome free speed analysis tool to check it out.

Use a Light Weight Theme

There are a huge number of free and premium themes you can use on your WordPress site and when deciding most people just choose based on looks and functionality.

However we also suggest that you consider page speed when selecting which theme to use. The easy way to tell if a theme is fast or not is to activate it on your site and compare page speed against a standard WordPress theme. If if loads in a similar time then it will be fine to use it.

Clean Up Your Data Base

This sounds a lot more complicated that it is. All you need to do is find a good WordPress database optimizer plugin and run it. Check out this post for some good ideas.

Keep the Site and Plugins Up to Date

Site Speed HostingFinally for both page speed but also website security, we really recommend that you keep your site, your themes and your plugins up to date. This is really easy, just to the updates pages and update everything that needs updating.

Disable Hot Linking

Hot linking is where other people use your images on their site to save their server load. It is a sneaky practice and one you should stop to speed up your site. It can be a little complicated but do not worry. This step by step guide is really helpful and easy to understand.

In Conclusion…

There you go, you now have seven really easy ways to speed up your website. This will then help you get better Google search results and more importantly it will help you to make lots more money! Thanks for stopping by to read this post, we really hope you found it useful. Please feel free to check out the other posts we have shared on this site to help you understand websites, SEO and hosting.

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