Website Hosting for Beginners

Website HostingHey there, in this short post we are going to share some very basic details about site hosting for beginners. We are not going to overwhelm you with lots and lots of jargon, technical terms or anything too scary or complicated.

Think of this little guide as a first step for you to take in understanding the very basics of how to host your website on a server of some sort. We really hope that once you have read this article you will have a decent understanding of what you need and what you need to do next.

For the sake of this post we are going to assume that you have a website already that is either being built, is about to be built or one that needs moving from the existing server to a new hosting server.

If after reading this whole blog post you still find yourself confused or not sure as to what you need to do next. Please do not worry too much! Becoming a website owner (also known as a webmaster) is for most people a large step and it can take a little while to figure it all out.

We promise that this gets much easier over time and if you take a little rest and then come back and try to re-read the advice on this page we are sure it will start to sink in.

So when talking about website server hosting for newbies we need to cover the following topics:

  • What is Website Hosting?
  • What are the Main Types of Hosting?
  • What Sort of Hosting Do you Need?
  • What are Server Backups and do You Need Them?
  • How to Get a GREAT Deal on Hosting Packages?

Please note that this list is deliberately short. Like we said further up the page we do not want to overwhelm you so are making sure this post is not too long or too hard to read.

What is Website Hosting?

So, let’s start with the absolute basics. Website hosting is an online computer called a server where websites are stored so they can be accessed by the visitors to the site.

In a nutshell it is that simple. A server is not much different than a normal PC, in fact if you really wanted to, you could host your site on your home computer but that is definitely not something that we would recommend you try!

What are the Main Types of Hosting?

The three main types of hosting are:

  1. Shared hosting.
  2. VPS hosting.
  3. Dedicated server hosting.

Shared hosting – This is the most likely candidate for your site as it is cheap and very easy to use. All it means is that your site is hosting on the same server as lots of other sites. So you get a smaller amount of space and memory available to you but you save a lot of cash and hassle.

VPS hosting – This is half way between shared and a dedicated server. You get more access and control and more memory and disk space. But you pay more and there is more of a learning curve involved in running a VPS.

Dedicated server hosting – This is by far the most expensive option. However if you have a very large site or a site that gets a huge amount of traffic then this might be the best option for you.

What Sort of Hosting Do you Need?

For beginners with small sites that do not get much traffic we always recommend that you start off with shared hosting. The critical thing to do when you sign up with the hosting company is to make sure that you can upgrade your package at any time should the need arise. This allows you to start off cheaply and then move up to a more expensive server setup easily when the needs arises.

What are Server Backups and do You Need Them?

Similar to when you backup your phone or your PC, it is really important that your website is fully backed up. You need to make sure that whatever hosting option you go for they offer, full, regular, automated backups of all the sites that you host with them. This step really is vital please make sure that you do not skip it!

How to Get a GREAT Deal on Hosting Packages?

Get on Google and do a lot of research, obviously you can start with searches like “cheap shared website hosting packages” and see what deals you can find on offer. But you should also check out websites and forums where other webmasters hangout. You will find lots of more experienced people sharing great advice that will help you get the best server package for your site.

Ok, so that’s it, there you have a short and sweet hosting guide for beginners. We really hope that it all made sense and was not too complicated or technical for you to be able to understand it. If you did struggle with any of it, please just come back after a little break and re-read it all. We are sure the penny will start to drop and all the advice will sink in.

Do your best to remember that you are not looking for the absolute perfect hosting package for your website. Rather you are looking for one that is good enough to get you going and ideally can either be cancelled if it is not working out or altered if you need a larger or smaller server setup.

As the old saying goes “perfect is the enemy of the good” so do not let the hunt for the perfect hosting company stop you from taking action towards getting your web site hosted and starting to make you some nice income! After all for the vast majority of website owners and webmasters their goal is making money

Good luck on your website owning journey and please come back to read our site again in the future.

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